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Achieving the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is an adventure from beginning to end and the expedition section can give participants some of their most memorable experiences! We run walking and paddling Expeditions all over the country and can tailor the expeditions according to the school’s needs. We help the school with the planning, organising and delivery of the expedition aspect of the DofE Award from start to qualifying finish.

DofE Expedition Logistics and Paperwork for every level includes:

  • Effective and regular liaison with your school from start to finish

  • High quality training

  • Instructors who have been vetted by Off Grid Adventures, they will hold appropriate First Aid and NGB Qualifications alongside an up to date, checked DBS

  • Parents’ evening and assemblies to launch the DofE Award in school

  • Effective management of paperwork including: Expedition Guide, Green Forms, Medical Consent Forms, support with EVOLVE paperwork, Parents’ Information, Kit Lists

  • Expeditions which have been risk assessed and are dynamically risk assessed during the course of the expedition

  • Use of group equipment including: tents, stoves and fuel, navigation equipment

  • Use of boats and buoyancy aids for DofE Paddling Expeditions

  • Campsite fees (at Gold Level, students are expected to plan and pay for campsites at assessment)

  • DofE accredited Assessors and Assessor Reports uploaded to participants’ eDofE

  • An engaging and enjoyable DofE Expedition for all the participants

  • A range of venues and routes appropriate for the level of Award as approved by DofE

  • A range of resources for parents, participants and schools to support the expedition including: kit list, rucksack packing guidelines, menu recommendations, where to buy personal kit, locations, how remote supervision works

  • Support with presentations if required

All of our expeditions fall in line with the DofE 20 conditions.

Click on RESOURCES to find everything you need to be ready for your expedition.