Off Grid Adventures offers a range of family, friends and corporate activities to make you shut down your screens, get off your sofa, and embrace the outdoors.


Set up camp. Build and light a fire. Cook smores and dampers. Create a den. Build a shelter. Whittle a stick.


Walk with a qualified guide. Hike with friends and family. Test yourself with a national hiking challenge.

Team building

Work together to tackle The Towers of Hanoi, Minefield, Diffuse the Bomb, Da Vinci Bridge, Land Skis, Gutter Ball and more.

Acting out

Tell stories around a fire. Write a script. Dress up outdoors. Create your own Midsummer Night’s Dream in the woods or Tempest by the sea.

Navigation weekends

Learn how to read a map for walks with family and friends. Improve your navigation skills. Navigate at night.

Off Grid Adventures can tailor a programme to suit your needs and your budget.
We offer half days, one-day adventures and weekend camping opportunities.

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